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Recommendations to prevent cystitis

1. Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day.

Fluid helps to eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract more quickly.

2. Try to urinate frequently.

Bacterial growth increases the longer urine remains in the bladder. Since the way to eliminate these microorganisms is to expel them with urine, it is advisable to go to the toilet every two or three hours, even if you do not feel like it.

3. Combat constipation.

Do not postpone bowel movements either, in order to prevent germs from colonizing the tissues near the urinary tract.

4. Use neutral soaps when cleaning the intimate area.

Hygiene must be taken care of and perfumed soaps, less specific for this sensitive area, should not be abused.

5. Go to the toilet before and after sexual intercourse.

Sexual activity increases the risk of infection up to forty times and allows certain microorganisms to remain lodged in the urethra. Therefore, it is important to urinate after sexual intercourse.

6. Choose the shower over the bath.

When it comes to daily hygiene, the best option is to shower instead of taking a bath or using the bidet, since running water avoids the accumulation of bacteria that can occur in a bathtub.

7. Do not stay in a wet bathing suit.

During the swimming pool season, the humidity of the bathing suit or the change in temperature between the water and the outside often produces sudden cooling in the belly and vaginal area.

8. Use cotton underwear and avoid tight-fitting garments.

Clothes that are too tight or made of synthetic material favor perspiration and, therefore, the proliferation of microbes.

9. Reconsider the use of diaphragm and tampons.

The diaphragm can press on the urethra and make it difficult to empty the bladder, so its use is associated with a higher frequency of infection. Likewise, tampons are not advisable if urinary tract infections appear in the premenstrual period, since they can favor humidity, prevent the correct expulsion of bacteria and favor their colonization.

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