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Diagnostic & Toxicology Services 

Keep Your Workplace Safe
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We help people better understand their health and wellness with convenient and affordable clinical services.


Loyal Hearts True Diagnostics LLC is committed to providing the highest quality drug testing services through the State's most experienced collections team. Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of chemical and physical agents on living organisms and is often referred to as the science of poisons. We are equipped to test for a wide range of toxic substances to stay in compliance or just to simply give you a peace of mind. Let our dedicated team of associates help you with your toxicology collection needs.

  • Medical / Clinical Toxicology

  • Drug and Alcohol Screenings

  • Workplace Substance Screening

  • DOT & Non- DOT

  • Breath & Alcohol testing

  • Random Selection Services

  • Job-site Collection Services

  • Personal Drug Testing (VERI-5)

  • Fingerprinting Services

  • DNA Testing

  • Venipuncture Draws

Why Our Company

Same-day appointments are both welcomed and available.

LH True Diagnostic is a community laboratory collection site. We are Nurse-owned and have an extensive understanding of the healthcare industry. We are a Pennsylvania-based clinic and collection site that provides a variety of drug and alcohol testing services to both public and private clientele.  In addition, we also provide other services like fingerprinting and other lab services such as DNA Testing, and more.  We are compliant with all the rules and regulations of The U.S. DOT 49 CFR Part 40.  We give you peace of mind knowing that we keep your personal testing results confidential and your experience with us, comfortable and pleasant. No matter your testing and or screening needs, we take great care to ensure the most pleasant, safest, fastest, most accurate results at the best prices in the industry.

What Can We Do?

LH True Diagnostic is here to offer our fingerprinting services using live scans and the FD-258 ink cards, drug and alcohol screenings, and other lad services at our trustee collection site. We also offer blood draws with doctor's orders and mobile blood draws in addition, our certified breath alcohol technicians and DOT-qualified specimen collectors handle all testing with the utmost discretion and security. regardless of whether it is required by the Department of Transportation or not.

We also conduct DNA paternity testing. and Gender Reveal in addition to substance and alcohol collections.

We take pride in the fact that every one of our services guarantees efficient, competitively priced, and assured outcomes. We care for our clients and patients and your well-being. Our mission at LH True Diagnostic is to be the leading supplier of testing services in the industry.

How we can help!

LH True Diagnostic is a trusted third-party collection laboratory site and we will collect samples for laboratory testing on behalf of employers or other organizations. We are typically used when an employee does not have their own collection facility or when additional coverage is needed. Let us put a hand into your needs and provide you with a positive experience. "One Nures @ a Time".

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Bring With Me to a Drug and Alcohol Screening?

1. A valid (non-expired) picture ID such as a passport, driver's license, military ID, employee
badge, or another photo ID that was issued by a federal, state, or local government agency Identification requires & a valid government-issued ID.

2. All authorization forms or paperwork from your employees.


Is There Anything I Need to Do to Prepare?

If completing a urine drug screen. You need to be able to provide 45 ml or 1.5 fluid ounces of urine sample. Please do not go to the restroom prior to the test. If you cannot provide a full sample once the collection has started. You'll have three hours to complete a full sample and have to voice off the procedures of a shy blaster if you leave during the collection for any reason. this is considered a refusal to rest and can hold the same consequences as a positive result for your employer.

What Happens During ~ Drug and Alcohol Screening?

  1. You'll be asked to provide either a hair or urine sample based on the preferences of your employer. If completing a urine drug screen, you'll be asked to wash your hands and remove any excess clothing, such as a jacket or hat. You'll also be asked to empty your pockets, and you will have the option to place your valuables in a lockbox. If carrying a wallet, you are permitted to keep it with you following an inspection of the wallet by an ideal testing staff member

  2. If your employer has requested a breath or blood alcohol test. You'll be asked to blow into a breathalyzer or give a blood sample. which measures the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream.

How Are Results Reported?

If you're completing a drug and alcohol screening at the request of your employer. Results will be reported directly back to your employer. Your employer will notify you of the results of your test. If self-employed or requesting a drug test for court, we'll send the results to the email or mailing address you designate.

How long does it take to get drug test results?

The time it takes to get drug test results can vary depending on the type of test and the testing method used. General. In most cases. Drug test results are available within 1-2 business days unless the test undergone was a rapid test.

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