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How to care for someone with a stomach ulcer?

Treatment may include medications to reduce stomach acid or antibiotics to kill Helicobacter pylori if the ulcer is due to this.

Antacids or milk will not cure ulcers, although they may relieve them temporarily.

Smoking is harmful to people with stomach ulcers, so it is best to quit once and for all.

Not drinking alcohol contributes to a faster recovery. Surgery may be necessary for sores that do not heal.

Paying close attention to your diet, Mediterranean diet, avoiding spicy and acidic foods and exercising contribute to a better recovery. Caffeine should also be avoided.

Avoid stress and strong emotions: Notice how life events affect you and work on this fundamental aspect, since anxiety and negative emotions have a lot to do with stomach problems.

It must be said that neither stress nor spicy foods cause stomach ulcers, but they can be counterproductive if you already have one. It appears that excessive caffeine consumption may contribute to stomach ulcers.

The best thing people with stomach ulcers can do, in addition to following their doctor’s instructions, is to eat carefully. Eating fresh foods, avoiding excess fat and caffeine, and eating a balanced diet are good recommendations. With relaxation exercises and the practice of yoga to calm your emotions.

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