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How can I take care of my prostate?

As we get older, the risks of prostate cancer increase. Particularly from the age of 50 onwards, you should pay close attention to your prostate, going for regular check-ups from then on.

Thousands of people are affected by the disease every year, and it is therefore important to know how to act. Specialists in the detection and treatment of prostate cancer agree that the disease cannot be avoided, but what can be done is to avoid making the situation worse by adopting healthy habits that allow us, as far as possible, to take care of our prostate.

5 ideal habits to take care of your prostate

Urologists, experts in the early detection and treatment of prostate cancer, usually recommend the following habits:

Maintain a healthy body weight. Obesity usually increases the predisposition to suffer many diseases. Therefore, you should take care of the number of daily calories you eat, controlling your weight frequently to avoid sudden changes in it.

Eat foods that are healthy for your prostate. Food is a factor that plays a very important role in many aspects of our lives. It is important to know the best foods for your health, avoiding also those that are more harmful.

Exercise frequently. Numerous scientific studies have shown that regular exercise is a healthy measure for our prostate. In addition, physical exercise is directly involved in achieving the first objective explained above, that of maintaining an adequate weight.

Be careful with the consumption of drugs. Abusing conventional drugs can have negative consequences. The chemicals contained in the drugs can be harmful to your prostate.

All these tips cannot guarantee that you will avoid prostate cancer, but they are preventive measures that could help you avoid damaging it.

The best decision you can make is to have your prostate checked regularly (annually or biannually). If you have a family history, urinary symptoms, or are over 50 years of age.

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