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10 Tips to help an obese person

People with obesity often feel that they do not have enough help, even their loved ones do not know how to support them in their efforts to regain a healthy weight. A person is considered obese if his or her body mass index (BMI) is over 30.

  1. Accepting that obesity is a disease

The first step in empathizing with someone with obesity is to realize that it is a disease and not a personal choice.

  1. Provide an open channel of communication.

Deal naturally and understand everything about obesity. Being able to talk openly with your family or close circle of friends will help you feel accepted and express your concerns.

  1. Do not sermon

Instead of helping, the usual sermons and lectures can affect the emotional state of the obese person and cause humiliation and fear.

  1. Never let yourself be a victim of the situation

Or the obese person is made to feel guilty for having inflicted this circumstance on the family, creating a blocking situation. Finding a solution to the overweight as a team is always easier.

  1. No bribes

If we want to help you learn to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the best thing to do is to do it with self-confidence. Always associating good habits with rewards does not usually work in the medium or long term.

  1. Deal with the consequences with patience

It is clear that family members also suffer the effects of obesity and it is common that they do not understand that the affected person does not have the willpower to continue with a diet, an exercise program or follow certain guidelines after treatment. On these occasions, the encouragement of the family will be fundamental for us to continue transmitting illusion and for our relative to maintain firm his commitment.

  1. Obesity entails risks: make decisions and act quickly

Like any disease, obesity carries risks, so it helps to make decisions and act quickly, always with the belief and willingness of your loved one to take the step.

  1. Ask for information from experts

If the problem persists, learn about possible solutions. The more you know, the better. There is a lot of talk about diet and exercise to combat obesity, but depending on the degree of obesity, the ideal is to find an individual solution.

Look for reliable sources and seek information from experts. It is useful to be careful and not act impulsively, as unfortunately there is a lot of obesity invasion.

  1. You don’t have to find the best solution by yourself, this is what our team of experts tells us.

In fact, there are several solutions on the market that must be evaluated according to the patient’s characteristics. The different techniques to treat obesity: personalized diets, medications, non-surgical gastric reduction treatments or especially bariatric surgery, must be performed in recognized centers with a multidisciplinary team composed of endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychiatrists, endoscopists and bariatric surgeons, with accredited experience, which will contribute to have the best guarantees.

  1. Follow-up after each treatment: essential

Follow-up after each treatment, with periodic evaluations, will be fundamental to obtain the best possible results and maintain them over time. For someone who is obese, losing weight and regaining a healthy figure can be very useful. The support and understanding of family and friends will always be of great help.

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