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Removal of the bladder catheter

Removal of the bladder catheter when the patient no longer requires it, it is obstructed or in the wrong position.


To remove the bladder catheter avoiding possible complications.


– Vessel – Graduated container.

– Material: – Waste bag. – Soaker. – Non-sterile gauze. – Non sterile disposable gloves. – 1 Syringe of 10 cc. – Nursing records.


– Perform hand washing. – Prepare all the material.

– Preserve the patient’s privacy. – Explain the procedure to the patient. – Ask the patient and family to cooperate. – Put on gloves. – Place the patient in the supine position with the legs slightly apart when the patient is female. – Place the patient’s buttocks under the patient’s buttocks. – Clean with antiseptic solution the two-way line. – Extract the contents of the bladder catheter balloon with a syringe. – Hold the body of the catheter with gauze and gently remove it, place it in the waste bag. – Check that the volume of urine at each micturition after catheter removal is adequate. – Leave the patient in a comfortable position. – Collect the material. – Remove gloves. – Perform hand washing. – Record in nursing documentation: procedure, reason, date and time, incidents and patient response.


There is indicative though inconclusive evidence of a benefit to the patient regarding removal of the bladder catheter at midnight

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