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Recommendations to prevent eating disorders

Eating disorders are commonly experienced by adolescents and young women. It is a multifactorial problem involving several biological, psychological, and social factors that can be prevented.

What can parents do to prevent this type of disorder?

Many experts agree that there are 9 recommendations that you should follow:

  1. Educate and encourage healthy eating, without going to extremes (set an example).

  2. Promote moderate physical activity, ideally involving socialization.

  3. Encourage the construction of adequate self-esteem.

  4. Avoid overemphasis on weight and figure.

  5. Inform children that it is not advisable to go on diets because many are counterproductive.

  6. Prevent young people from aggressive dieting, because aggressive dieting is often the entry point to eating disorders.

  7. Eat regular family meals, avoiding conflicts.

  8. When faced with evidence of inappropriate dieting, excessive concern about weight, weight loss, or significant weight gain, seek advice from a specialist as soon as possible.

  9. Be attentive to the internet sites visited by adolescent girls.

The treatment of eating disorders seeks, in the first place, weight recovery, nutritional rehabilitation, and the normalization of healthy eating habits. 

In addition, it corrects biological and psychological sequelae of poor nutrition, reduces anxious and depressive symptoms, and obsessive thoughts, and achieves psychological restructuring, aimed at maintaining the weight and healthy eating habits achieved.

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