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Provision of permissions to patients

Planning by the nurse for a patient’s departure from the health care institution for a specified time.


– Maintain the established care plan at home. – Teach the patient and family the continuity of the care plan.


– Nursing records. – Written report to the patient of the therapeutic plan. – Written physician’s order for permission. – Medication to be taken.


– Establish objectives to be achieved for the leave. – Obtain physician’s order for leave. – Establish who is the patient’s primary caregiver. – Provide information about the duration and restriction of the leave. – Provide information needed in the event of a home emergency. – Explain home care to the patient’s primary support person. – Prepare the medication to be taken and explain how to take it. – Provide the necessary assistive devices and equipment. – Allow time for the patient and family to ask any questions they may have. – Obtain the signature of the patient or responsible person on the permission form. – Upon the patient’s return to the unit, assess whether the objectives of the leave and the patient’s condition have been met. – Record in the nursing documentation: procedure performed, date patient leaves and returns, assessment of care plan, incidences, and patient response.

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