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Preparation of a sterile field

Clearly delimited area where complete aseptic conditions are maintained and shall be an area free of microorganisms.


To avoid contamination of the field to prevent possible patient infections and subsequent complications.


Sterile equipment: drapes, forceps, scalpel handle, etc.


– Sterile material: gauze, compresses, gloves, gowns, dressings, etc. – Nursing records.


– Antiseptic hand washing. – Inform the patient of the dimensions of the field to avoid sudden movements that could contaminate the field. – Make sure that the package to prepare the sterile field is clean and dry. – Place sterile field: open sterile drape with fingertips touching only the corners. – Put on gown, mask and gloves (all sterile). – Place the sterile elements to be used in the field following the order to be used. – Place sterile forceps to pick up gauze, compresses, etc.


– Avoid spilling liquids on the field because it can favor the penetrability of germs. -Every sterile field is no longer sterile when it is neglected. – Keep doors closed and movements reduced to a minimum in areas where sterile procedures are performed. – Do not set up a sterile field before the scheduled time of use.

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