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Oxygen administration through nasal goggles

Delivery of prescribed amount of oxygen through nasal goggles.


– Improve the patient’s respiratory status. – Prevent injury to the patient due to ventilatory deficit.


See oxygen therapy management equipment.


– Neutral soap. – Follow general rules in the management of oxygen therapy. – Nursing records.


– Follow general rules in the handling of oxygen therapy. – Check the oxygen output through the goggle stems. – Insert the spectacle stems into the patient’s nostrils, adjusting and securing them comfortably. – Make sure that the patient breathes through the nose and not through the mouth. – Avoid bends that impede the flow of oxygen. – Monitor the pressure areas (ears and nose) every 24 hours. – Clean and moisten the patient’s nose, if necessary. – Teach the patient and family to periodically moisten the nose. – Record in nursing documentation: procedure, reason, date and time, oxygen concentration and volume, incidents, and patient response.


– With nasal goggles maximum 2lpm can be administered.

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