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Oxygen administration by oxygen tent

Delivery of the prescribed amount of oxygen through the tent.


– Improve the respiratory status of the patient. – Prevent injury to the patient due to ventilatory deficit.


See oxygen therapy management equipment.


– See oxygen therapy management material. – Tape. – Non-sterile gauze for tent defogging. – Nursing records.


– Follow general rules in the handling of oxygen therapy. – Place the tent over the child, as prescribed. – Watch for skin irritation on the child’s face and shoulders. – Place the end of the oxygen tube inside the tent and secure it. – Open the tent windows slightly to prevent oxygen build-up. – Avoid direct flow of oxygen into the child’s eyes. – Change the child’s clothes frequently, as they get wet easily and quickly. – Record in the nursing documentation: procedure, reason, oxygen concentration and volume, incidents, and patient response.


The tent can supply about 30 % oxygen.

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