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Other patient positions: Sims/English or semi-prone.

Set of activities to mobilize a patient who is unable to move on his or her own.


To place the patient in the indicated position to perform some care (administration of enemas, medication, rectal tactos and extraction of fecalomas).


See patient mobilization equipment.


See patient mobilization material.


– Follow general rules for patient mobilization.

– Place the bed in a horizontal position, making sure it is braked. – Place the patient in a horizontal position resting on the abdomen. – One arm is behind the body and the other flexed at the shoulder and elbow. – Place a pillow under the patient’s head. – Place a pillow under the upper arm, flexed, supporting it at shoulder level. – Place a pillow under the flexed upper leg at hip level. Indications: lateral safety position, rectal examinations, administration of enemas and rectal medication, placement of rectal probes, facilitating drainage of secretions, muscle relaxation.

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