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Other patient positions: Genupectoral position

Set of activities to mobilize a patient who is unable to move on his or her own.


To provide the proper position to examine the patient’s rectum, vagina and prostate.


– Pillow. – Articulated bed or stretcher. – Tucked in.


– Non-sterile gloves. – Nursing records.


– Follow general rules in the mobilization of patients. – Remove the patient’s underwear. – Place the patient kneeling on the bed. Knees should be slightly apart and thighs perpendicular to the bed. – Rest the patient’s body on the knees and chest. – Turn the patient’s head to one side and the upper limbs above head height by bending them at the elbows. – Cover the patient with a blanket. – Leave the patient in a comfortable position once the examination or technique has been performed.

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