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Nursing care to promote patient’s rest

Set of activities performed by nursing staff to promote patient sleep/wakefulness.


– To promote the patient’s rest. – To teach the patient and family measures to promote sleep.


– See equipment for bedside patient hygiene procedure. – See equipment of the procedure for handling the bottle and wedge type bedpan. – See equipment of the procedure nursing action in the prevention of falls.


– See material of the previous procedures. – Food, infusions, etc. – Prescribed medication. – Personal items. – Nursing records.


– Preserve the patient’s privacy. – Inform the patient of the procedure. – Ask the patient and family to cooperate. – Include the patient’s regular sleep/wake cycle in care planning. – Observe and record the patient’s sleep schedule. – Create a suitable environment for rest (light, noise, temperature, mattress and bed). In children: toys, pacifiers or favorite objects (rags…). Reduce or eliminate bedside lighting. – Facilitate the maintenance of the patient’s usual bedtime routines. – Provide comfort measures before bedtime (personal grooming, changing bed linen, assisting in urinary elimination) if appropriate. – Avoid ingestion of food or beverages that disturb sleep. – Adjust the medication administration schedule to support the patient’s sleep/wake cycle. Adapt the schedule of medications, especially diuretics to avoid nighttime awakenings. – In patients with pain, administer prescribed analgesia 30 minutes before bedtime.

– Offer herbal teas, food or hot drinks if needed. – Offer personal objects, if needed. – Facilitate communication to reduce fears and anxiety. – Tell the patient and family about comfort measures, techniques to promote sleep (progressive muscle relaxation, breathing, massage, etc.) and lifestyle changes that contribute to optimal sleep. – Provide patient safety, applying the nursing procedure for fall prevention. – Record in nursing documentation: measures taken, reason, incidences and patient response.


– If the patient suffers from insomnia, inform the physician. – Encourage wakefulness during the day to promote nighttime rest. Stimulate daily activities and avoid staying in bed. In bed-ridden patients, introduce occupational therapy.

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