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Nursing care of the continentally dependent patient

Bottle potty handling

Placement and removal of a device (bottle) on the patient’s penis to deposit urine when the patient is unable to use the toilet on his own due to limited mobility, neurological, psychiatric illnesses, etc.


– Facilitate urinary elimination in the dependent male patient. – Educate the patient and family in the use of the bottle-type urinal.


– Bottle. – Graduated container. – Basin. – See genital hygiene procedure kit.


– See material for genital hygiene procedure. – Soaker. – Detergent. – Bleach. – Non-sterile gloves.

– Toilet paper. – Nursing records.


– Perform hand washing. – Put on gloves. – Prepare the material. – Preserve the patient’s privacy. – Inform the patient. – Ask the patient and family to cooperate. – Help the patient to adopt a suitable position. – Place a soaker if the patient is bedridden. – Provide the bottle and if assistance is needed, place the bottle between the patient’s legs and insert the penis. – Remove the bottle at the end of urination and take it to the designated place for cleaning. – Provide toilet paper or assist in cleaning the genitals. – Assist or provide material for hand hygiene. – Leave the patient in a comfortable and appropriate position. – Pour the urine into the graduated container and measure, if necessary. – Dispose in the toilet. – Clean and disinfect the bottle. – Collect the material. – Remove gloves. – Perform hand washing. – Record in the nursing documentation diuresis and urine characteristics, date and time, incidents and patient response.

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