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Mobilization of the patient to the chair or wheelchair

Set of activities to mobilize the bedridden patient who is unable to move on their own.


Move the patient from the bed to the chair or wheelchair ensuring their safety and well-being.


See patient mobilization equipment.


See patient mobilization equipment.

– Procedure: – Follow general rules in the mobilization of the patient. – Place the patient’s bed in a horizontal position, making sure that it is braked. – Approach the chair or wheelchair to the bed in a parallel position. – Cover the chair with a sheet. – Remove the pillows. – Place the patient in the Fowler position. – Place the patient’s arms crossed over the chest. – If the patient’s situation allows it, the patient can be helped with the support triangle of the Balkan table. – Support the patient by passing the arms under the patient’s armpits. – Another person will stand in front of the bed in front of the chair holding the patient’s knees and lower thighs with the forearms. – At the agreed signal, lift the patient and seat him/her in the chair. – Place protective elements and support pillows if necessary.


– Wheelchair safety rules: 1. Lock the brakes on both wheels each time the patient transfers or leaves the chair. 2. Raise the foot boards before placing the patient in the chair. 3. Lower the foot boards after transfer and place the feet on top of them. 4. Check that the patient is properly positioned in the back and seat of the wheelchair. 5. In patients affected by mental confusion, use safety belts to prevent falls.

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