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Mobilization of the patient to the bedside

Set of activities to mobilize the bedridden patient who is unable to move on their own.


To move the bedridden patient to a suitable position to promote their well-being and comfort.


See patient mobilization equipment.


See patient mobilization equipment.


– Follow general rules for patient mobilization. – When the patient moves to the foot of the bed, raise the patient to the head of the bed as follows: 1. Place one hand under the thighs and one hand under the shoulders. 2. Ask the patient to bend his knees and rest his feet on the bed. 3. Instruct the patient to cooperate by exerting pressure with the feet while moving him/her towards the headboard. – In patients who cannot cooperate: a) Place a folded sheet as a tucked under the patient from the shoulders to the thighs. b) The staff will stand on each side of the patient and with the help of the sheet, move the patient towards the head of the bed, thus avoiding friction movements. – Raise the head of the bed according to the patient’s need and comfort.

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