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Hygiene of the genitalia

Set of measures performed by the nursing staff to keep the skin of the perineal area clean and in good condition, when the patient has limitation to perform his own hygiene.


– To keep the patient’s genitals clean to cover hygiene needs and prevent infections. – Contribute to the patient’s well-being and comfort.


– Basin or basin. – Towels


– Hygienic compresses, gauze and swabs. – Diaper-braga. – Non-sterile gloves. – Dirty linen bag. – Disposable sponge with and without soap. – Neutral soap. – Soap and antiseptic solution. – Nursing records.


– Perform hand washing. – Prepare material. – Preserve the patient’s privacy. – Inform the patient. – Ask the patient and family to cooperate. – Prepare the water at a temperature of 35-36º C. – Avoid drafts. – Put on non-sterile gloves. – Place the patient in the supine position. – Undress the patient and cover with a sheet. Remove the diaper if present. – Place the wedge.


1. Wash the penis and testicles first. Rinse. 2. Retract the foreskin of the penis and wash the glans penis. Rinse. Pull the foreskin back into position to avoid glans edema. 3. Place the patient in lateral decubitus. 4. Wash anal area with a separate sponge. Rinse from top to bottom. Dry thoroughly. 5. Apply antiseptic solution if patient has bladder catheter or wounds.


1. Ask the patient to bend her knees or assist her if she is unable to do so. 2. Spread the patient’s legs apart. 3. Wash the perineal area from top to bottom. With soap and water and gauze or disposable sponges. First wash the external part of the vulva, then labia majora and labia minora, meatus. Rinse with a jet of water and repeat at least twice. 4. Dry from top to bottom gently. Avoid wetness. 5. Place the patient in lateral decubitus. 6. Wipe rectal area from vagina to anus in a single motion. 7. Apply antiseptic in case of bladder catheter or wounds. – Apply diaper if necessary. – Leave the patient in a comfortable position. – Collect the material. – Remove gloves. – Wash hands. – Record in the nursing documentation: the procedure, date and time, reason, incidences and patient’s response.

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