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Hygiene of the dependent patient

Hygiene of the patient requiring partial assistance, non-bedridden patient

Set of hygienic measures performed by the nurse to the patient when he/she presents partial limitation to perform his/her own hygiene.


– Keep the skin clean and in good condition the skin and its appendages. – Prevent skin alterations. – To prevent infections. – Contribute to the physical and psychological well-being of the patient. – To stimulate the patient’s blood circulation. – Educate the patient and family about hygiene care.


– Non-slip mat. – Chair or stool. – Personal hygiene items: comb, brush, shaving material, cologne, deodorant, etc. – Towels. – Laundry cart. – Bedpan, basin.


– Non-sterile gloves. – Soap-free sponges. – Neutral soap. – Moisturizing cream. – Clean pajamas or nightgown. – Nursing records.


– Perform hand washing. – Prepare the material. – Preserve the patient’s privacy.

– Inform the patient. – Ask the patient and family to cooperate. – Maintain an adequate room temperature: 24-25º C. – Avoid drafts in the room. – Protect the patient from falls with a shower or bathtub with handrails or handholds, non-slip mat, continuous supervision, etc. – Help the patient to undress. – Put on gloves. – Prepare the water at a suitable temperature: 35-36 º C. – Proceed to wash as follows: first the face with plain water and the rest of the body from top to bottom with sponge and soap. Finally, the perineum and genitals. Rinse with clean water and dry it (emphasize the fold areas, under the breasts, armpits and interdigital spaces). – Mouth hygiene. – Hair hygiene. Shaving for men, respecting their preference for beards. – Moisturize the skin with moisturizing cream, emphasizing the areas of friction and pressure. – Help with dressing. – Leave the patient in a suitable position. – Remove material in soiled linen bags. – Remove gloves. – Perform hand washing. – Record in nursing documentation: procedure, date and time, incidents and patient response.


– Hygiene should be daily. – In patients with a low level of dependency, shower or tub hygiene is indicated.

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