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Health education on the therapeutic regimen to be followed by the patient at home.

Training a patient and family to safely and effectively take prescribed medications at home.


– To teach the patient and family the safe and effective self-administration of drugs. – To achieve patient compliance with the therapeutic regimen. – Avoid adverse effects of medication due to errors in dosage or manner of administration.


Written information.


– Nursing and physician discharge report.-


– Teach the patient and family to recognize the characteristics specific to each medication. – Inform the patient and family of the generic name of the medication as well as the commercial name. – Inform the patient and family of the action of each medication, the dose, route and duration of the effects of each medication. – Instruct the patient and family on how to administer the medication. – Evaluate the patient’s and family’s skills in administering the medications. – Inform the patient and family about what to do if they miss a dose or when they may decide to alter the schedule or dosage. – Inform about the consequences of not taking or abruptly stopping medication. – Inform the patient and family about drug interactions with meals, about possible adverse side effects and how to prevent or alleviate them. – Teach the patient and family how to store medications. – Help the patient develop a written medication schedule. – Ensure that the patient and family are discharged with the nursing and physician’s report.

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