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Administration of oxygen through tracheostomy

Delivery of the prescribed amount of oxygen to a patient with a tracheostomy.


– Improve the patient’s respiratory status. – Prevent injury to the patient due to ventilatory deficit.


– See oxygen therapy management equipment. – See equipment of the procedure aspiration of secretions by tracheostomy.


– See oxygen therapy management equipment. – See material of the secretion aspiration procedure. – Neutral soap. – Disposable paper towels. – Oxygen mask for tracheostomy. – Nursing records.


– Follow general rules in the management of oxygen therapy. – Check and adjust oxygen concentration. – Aspirate the patient’s secretions when necessary. – Adjust the mask to the tracheostomy. – Turn on oxygen flow according to medical prescription.

– Clean the tracheostomy oxygen mask every 8 hours with soapy water. – Dry the mask with the wipes. – Record in the nursing documentation: procedure, reason, oxygen concentration and volume, incidences, and patient response.

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