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Administration of medication by the otic route

Preparation and delivery of prescribed medications by the otic route and evaluation of patient response.


– Administer prescribed medication to the patient via the otic route for therapeutic purposes. – Educate the patient and family on the therapeutic regimen.


– Trough.


– Prescribed medication. – Medical treatment sheet with prescribed medication. – Non-sterile disposable gloves. – Sterile gauze. – Bag for waste. – Physiological saline solution. – Cotton swabs. – Nursing records.


– Perform hand washing. – Follow general rules in the administration of medication. – Determine the patient’s knowledge of the medication and understanding of the method of administration. – Put on gloves. – Place the patient in the lateral decubitus position with the affected ear uncovered, whenever possible. – Straighten the ear canal by pulling the pinna backwards and outwards. Backwards in children and backwards and downwards in infants. – Gently wipe the outermost part of the ear canal with a cotton swab soaked in saline. – Instill the prescribed drops at body temperature, placing the dropper 1 cm above the ear canal. Press gently on the tragus. – Instruct the patient to remain in this position for 3 to 5 minutes and instruct him/her not to place gauze or cotton wool in the ear canal. – Apply gentle pressure or massage the ear with your finger. – Leave the patient in a comfortable position. – Collect the material. – Remove gloves. – Wash hands. – Record: medication administered, dose, route, date and time, incidents and patient response.


The drug should be at body temperature otherwise it could cause vertigo.

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