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3 recommendations for toothache

Whether you do simple research on the Internet or pay attention to popular culture, you will find many tips and tricks for relieving toothache pain. However, you should be cautious when paying attention to them, since many of them are ineffective and could even harm your health.

Here are the 3 most important recommendations to deal with this uncomfortable discomfort.

1.- Taking medication against the pain

One of the most effective measures to relieve toothache pain is to take medications that have an analgesic effect, all under medical advice.

If there is bleeding in addition to pain, we must rule out taking medication because it can worsen the bleeding depending on their side effects.

2.- Some good habits to relieve toothache pain

Additional alternatives to mitigate the discomfort are to acquire certain simple habits, but that at the same time will provide us with a relief that we will be grateful for. Among these, we highlight the following:

– Apply a cold compress locally to the area of the face closest to the source of the pain. It is important never to apply this cold inside the mouth, since it could aggravate the situation even more.

– Avoid putting pressure on the painful part of the jaw when sleeping. Sleep on your back or with the unaffected side of your face resting on a pillow.

– Avoid eating foods that are too hot or cold, as well as those that are excessively hard. Try also to chew on the unaffected side.

– Foods with too much sugar can also cause the pain to increase, so it is best to avoid them as well.

– Maintain scrupulous dental hygiene by brushing, flossing to remove food debris from the mouth, and using mouthwash.

3.- Visit your dentist

Although these recommendations help us to feel better and to be able to lead our lives normally, it is clear that a toothache is the clearest expression of a problem with the health of our mouth. For this reason, the most sensible thing to do is to go to our dentistry specialist to eliminate them completely and maintain a completely healthy mouth.

Our dentists are perfectly trained to find the cause of the pain and establish the course of action that best suits you and provides the greatest satisfaction. The most common treatments are:

– Endodontics if we are talking about pulpitis or inflammation of the dental pulp.

– Antibiotic treatment for cases where an infection is manifested.

– In the case of an abscess, the pus will be removed by drainage, accompanied by antibiotic treatment.

– If the damage to the tooth is too severe and cannot be repaired, the tooth will have to be extracted.

– If the cause of the pain is periodontal disease, deep oral cleaning, and decontamination will be necessary.

– The use of unloading splints for those situations in which bruxism is diagnosed.

– Filling or endodontics for dental fractures.

– If we are diagnosed with sinusitis, we should go to our primary care physician to estimate the most appropriate procedure.

As you can see, toothache can be addressed in different ways depending on the nature of the pain. Even so, a common denominator to all is that we must make a visit to our dentist to end it in the most effective way possible.

If you notice any discomfort in your molars, do not hesitate and contact your specialist to eliminate it so that you can return to a completely normal and pain-free life.

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