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Loyal Hearts Solutions

From staffing support to training to screening and testing, we provide comprehensive healthcare solutions for professionals, facilities, and employers.

This isn't science fiction, it's our reality. We are your one-stop shop for comprehensive healthcare solutions, empowering professionals, facilities, and employers to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Whether you're a new or seasoned nurse seeking new horizons, a healthcare facility juggling staffing challenges, or an employer committed to creating a safe and compliant work environment, we have the tools and expertise to make your journey smoother, more efficient, and ultimately, more fulfilling. So, take a deep breath and let go of the anxieties that often accompany navigating the healthcare landscape. We're here to extend a helping hand, a steady footstool, and a roadmap to success. Dive into our world, explore our services, and experience the difference of a nurse owned partner who truly understands your needs.


Healthcare Professionals

Our Mission

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between talent, facilities, and safety needs. Empowering individuals and organizations within the healthcare ecosystem, fostering a thriving environment where quality, safety, and career fulfillment reign supreme.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Explore our services, discover your potential, and contribute to a healthier, more empowered healthcare landscape. Together, let's build a brighter future for healthcare.


"One Nurse @ A Time""

Healthcare Staffing
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You no longer have to worry about meeting your staffing needs. We've got you covered.
About Us

Loyal Hearts Health Care Services – Healthcare Staffing Agency in Enola, PA

Are you facing staffing issues? Loyal Hearts Health Care Services can help you find qualified healthcare professionals quickly.

Allow us to address your medical staffing needs. We are a leading healthcare staffing agency in Enola, PA. You can count on us to fill positions in healthcare settings, from hospitals and urgent care centers to long-term care facilities and specialized outpatient services.

We can help you fill nursing jobs and other healthcare roles without the hassle that typically comes with the hiring process. You can save time while receiving access to top talent.

Along with healthcare staffing, diagnostic and toxicology services are available. Our collections team is equipped to test for all types of toxic substances, helping you comply with testing requirements.

We also provide CPR training in Enola, PA. Register for our webinar to receive the latest in CPR training. Contact us today for more details or assistance, including requests for our healthcare staffing service.

Loyal Hearts Health Care Services – Medical Staffing Services in Enola, PA

Loyal Hearts Health Care Services is an employment agency offering medical staffing services in Enola, PA, and the surrounding area. We have solutions for employers and job seekers. You can contact us for medical staffing, diagnostic and toxicology services, and more.

For job seekers, we have a job board and other resources. You can search for your next job from leading employers in the area.

Explore our site to learn more about us and our medical staffing solutions. View our government procurement resources, testimonials from happy clients, CPR certification webinar, online shop, privacy policy, or our CPR book online.

You can also contact us for any other information or to explore staffing solutions.

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Diagnostic Services


Are you looking for diagnostic services and toxicology solutions?

Recruitment Solutions


Find out more about our healthcare staffing solutions.

CPR Certification


Book your certification time slot today!

Government Procurement


Learn more about our government certified, as well as State certified capabilibilites

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