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Changing bed linen

Changing bed linen in the autonomous patient

Set of activities performed by the nursing staff aimed at maintaining proper grooming and hygiene of the patient’s bed.


To prepare the bed in hygienic and comfortable conditions for the patient, avoiding wrinkles and creases in the bed.


– Bottom sheet. – Top sheet. – Waterproof pillowcase. – Waterproof mattress cover. – Pillow. – Bedspread. – Blanket.


– Soaker. – Disposable gloves. – Laundry bag. – Nursing records.


– Perform hand washing. – Prepare the material and move it to the room. – Put on gloves. – Place bed in horizontal position. – Remove the soiled bed linen, placing it in the laundry bag. – Place the mattress cover and over it the fitted sheet, extending it and adjusting it to the 4 corners so that it has no wrinkles. – Spread the top sheet, with the hem facing up and folding the bottom corners. – Place quilt and blanket following the same procedure as the top sheet. – Place pillowcase. – Collect the material. – Remove gloves.

– Perform hand washing. – Record procedure in nursing records.


– Do not air clothes. – Restrain the bed.

– Evaluation criteria:

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